We work tirelessly to set an example of leadership within the club and our community.
Each member of the organization is expected to stand out and step up during our monthly club fundraisers, our humanitarian events, and on a day to day basis to keep the conduct of the club disciplined.
Our meetings, usually held every other Monday, revolve around sharpening our ability to communicate through public speaking exercises and competition.
We take these skills and put them into practice at our events and fundraisers, where we are determined to get our message across and get people on our side.



At these events, not only are we expressing ideas to our audiences but also prompting them to take action on causes that we believe are worthwhile. 
We strike at people’s emotional hearts and rational minds, and hopefully ignite the spark that makes them go forward, work hard, and speak out on what they care about.

           WE ARE YOUTH


We do this as a club of students, as a club of teenagers, with some as young as 13 and some as old as 18.
We are the youth of our community, and we are doubted. Doubtful is our ability to lead, to persuade, and inspire until we do and have done it.
       We are The Voice Gavel Club.

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