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Silent Auction

Welcome to our auction page. These items will be auctioned at the graduation. Please take a look.

By: Mahwish Zaidi

The hidden meaning behind a subject, the reflection of some inner light that might be captured with a brush stroke, or a pencil sketch, is what art means to me. It is not the idea of what is, but the knowledge of what could be, that excites me. 

Rumi once said, "You are stars wrapped in skin. The light you are seeking has always been within". I am in a constant journey seeking that light within me and my work.

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I started that journey in Fashion, 'Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design' Lahore Pakistan, making the human form the canvas, and fabric its silhouette. This inspired me to paint the beauty of the female form and figurative art in my paintings and appreciated works by Pakistani artist like Rind, Moazaam Ali, Hajra Mansoor.


Later, I took on the role of Graphic Designer at Puma Canada to explore other artistic avenues. Wherever the road lead me I found, we are all explorers, creators, story tellers. It is merely the medium we use to express ourselves, that changes from author to author.  




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I also take inspiration from Islamic calligraphy and Sufiism, using charcoal with different inks for abstract work and use oil paints or acrylics for feminine pieces.


Rumi, who brought the Unseen and Intangible to life with his words, giving form to abstract feelings and innate wisdom; a deep knowing, has influenced my work immensely. His words inspire me to paint the same unspoken things that sit deep in our souls, that when brought to fore, are more familiar, than all that we have seen and felt.





Art, for me, is that constant unravelling of deep mysteries layer by layer within and without.


Let me walk you through the pathway of my inspiration.


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