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Welcome to our New Location: 
2896 South Sheridan Way Unit 300, Oakville, L6J 7T4


The Voice Gavel Club 

is a public speaking club where public speaking and leadership skills are taught, and where humanity and charity are highly valued.

Why Should You Join Us?

The Voice Gavel Club is a friendly welcoming club where you will learn to better your public speaking skills and leadership skills. There are a variety of events besides the meeting once every two weeks. For example, parties on holidays, and travelling to different places with your club members. Overall the experience in the club brings about a better change in every member that joins.


Our vision is to broaden the scope of our speaking and humanitarian activities. We see nothing stopping us from being a competitive and cooperative club throughout the GTA and internationally.



Our mission is to stand as a gateway between insecurity and

integration for anyone seeking to stand up

as a confident leader or speaker.


We are now recruiting new members!
Join The Voice Gavel Club TODAY and ultimately emerge into a more confident speaker and professional leader in your community!

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