Office Bearers - Cohort 11

The Office Bearers, also recognized as the "executives" of the club work collectively to direct, lead and improve both the members and the club itself. From meetings to fundraisers and large events, the duty of the office bearers is to manage many of the important club matters in order to obtain a common objective. Currently, there are 7 office bearers, each pertaining to a different executive responsibility, whom collaborate and work together efficiently in order to better the club in every aspect.


Lubna Zaidi

Ms. Zaidi has worked 23 years as an Educator. Currently she is an Academic Director of World Life Education Centre and also a principal of the same high school. She has been a Mentor of Gavel Clubs around the world since the past 16 years and founded The Voice Gavel Club in Canada fours years back as a volunteer mentor, to help her students improve their communication and leadership skills. She is a DTM of Oxford Toastmasters Club and has attended and conducted many Public Speaking Seminars and hopes to open a public speaking and Leadership unit for all ages in her company. She is a strong leader, who is fair and consistent, which makes everyone around her feel valued. Quote from Ms. Zaidi : 'Learning is a journey from the new to the known'.

Jerry Duan

Jerry is a grade 11 student currently studying at Leaside High School. As the Co-President, he works with the office bearers to organize activities, and meetings. He is interested in drawing, and other art forms. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports and video games.

Pearl Zhang
VP Education

Pearl is a grade 9 student studying at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute in the pre-IB program. As the VP of Education, she is responsible for editing speeches and giving feedback to fellow members. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, playing piano, and reading.


Shaheer Noorani

Shaheer is a grade 10 going to Toronto Waldorf School. As the treasurer of the club, he has the responsibility of overseeing the club's financial administration, and advise on fundraising. In his spare time, he loves to listen to music, woodwork, and play basketball.


Fize Noorani

Fize is a grade 9 student attending Toronto Waldorf School. As the secretary of the club, he is responsible for meeting minutes, agenda and other club records. Outside of the club, he enjoys art, gaming, and basketball.

Andy Li

Andy is a grade 11 student. The responsibility of the sergeant-at-arms is to maintain discipline and order in the club. He keeps an eye on every member. Some of his hobbies are playing guitar and playing basketball. He also enjoys listening to music and reading.