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Silent Auction


Antique Victorian Cameo Gold Set


Vintage, 18K Gold Victorian Cameo Pendant with Necklace, Cameo Earrings and Cameo Ring

  • 18K Gold

  • 34.5 Gr

  • Est. Value                          CAD 2,850.00                                                                                     

Starting Auction price:

Making Charges Included

Earrings   9gms   18C                  CAD       720

Necklace 20gms 18C                  CAD       1,580

Ring         5gms   18C                  CAD       550

IMG-20210531-WA0190 (1).jpg


22K Solid Gold Bracelet 5.75" Genuine Hallmark Handcrafted

  • 13g 22 CT Gold (916 MPL)

  • Bracelet length: 5.75 Inches

  • Materials: Gold

  • Closure: Hook

  • Adjustable

  • Est. Value                                CAD 958    



Painting Auctions



Artist Profile: 

Hi everyone! My name is Aricia and I am a grade 10 student at St. Robert Catholic High School, as well as an aspiring artist. I always tell my mom that I am very grateful to mom for sending me to art classes because it gives me a way to express myself, as well as tell stories. In all my paintings, there is some kind of story. In the future, I hope to pursue illustration or fine arts.  

Artist Statement:

I used to be that kid that always had her head in the clouds. I used to make up all sorts of stories in my head. This is a painting of my old friend Lily, a crucial, yet made-up part of my childhood.   




  • Medium: Oil paint on canvas


  • Dimensions: 15 x 20 inches

  •  Price:      CAD 500+  


Available at the Event.

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