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Service Awards Graduation 2022

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Humanitarian Leadership Award

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Dr. Asaf Durakovic Profile

Prof Asaf Durakovic, MD, Ph.D., DVM, MSc, DSc, FACP, is the founder and director of the World Life Institute, Washington, DC. He is a highly respected medical doctor, doctor of sciences, and professor of medicine and life sciences with a specialty in Nuclear Medicine. In his extensive studies, he earned four doctorate degrees in the fields of Medicine, Veterinary Sciences, Biophysics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Zagreb, Croatia; McMaster University, Canada; and more recently, an honorary doctorate from the Cosmopolitan University, Jacksonville, Missouri. Originally from Croatia, he was a scientist at the Institute for Medical Research of the Yugoslavian Academy of Sciences and Arts and subsequently was awarded a scholarship by the British Government to pursue postdoctoral medical studies at the Medical Research Council, Harwell, Oxfordshire, Great Britain. He continued his specialist studies and passed exams in England, America, and Canada. In 1991, Dr. Durakovic graduated from the Military Medical Academy in Fort Leavenworth, Missouri, and was promoted to the rank of Colonel of the Medical Corps, Department of Defense, USA. Dr. Durakovic held a position in the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. He is a professor at four universities in the US, in addition to teaching as a guest professor at universities in North and South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, Israel, South Africa, the Soviet Union, Japan, the Middle and Far East. He worked with the Children of Chernobyl Project through the Chabad Agency and founded the Uranium Medical Research Center, US, to further his work on the effects of uranium-based weapons on the biosphere and humans. In 2004, he was awarded an International Peace Prize in Jaipur, India, for his work on the medical and environmental consequences of nuclear warfare. Dr. Durakovic is an author of over 220 scientific publications in recognized international journals. In addition, he is an internationally recognized writer with ten published books in the general literature.

Dr. Asaf Durakovic Peace Prize Criteria


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Dr. Asaf Durakovic Peace Prize (At this point -  Ontario Youth only)


  • 250 words Essay - Define Peace

  • 250 words Essay - Dr. Asaf Durkovic

  • Member of two globally renowned clubs in Ontario for 3 years and over

  • Team Work

  • Service

  • Action

  • Best Persuasive speech on Why you should win Dr. Asaf Durakovic Peace Prize

  • Age 13 to 18 years old - Grades 8 to 12 students

  • Highest Support in upcoming fundraisers

  • Scholarship Amount; Sponsored by Patrons - $500

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