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Cohort 4 Graduation

Congratulations to all the graduating members of The Voice Gavel Club's Cohort 4 team! The graduation ceremony was a night filled with humorous speeches and a table topics competition, as well as a heated debate between our very own James Du (VP-Education) and Jack Ding (President) versus Toastmasters, Anh Tran and Alan Tran. The night was then resumed with a buffet dinner, awards and a final oath delivered by our new Cohort 5 President, James Du. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the end of yet another remarkable Gavel Club journey and once again, congratulations to all the members for their hard work and efforts throughout the tenure!

Graduating Members of Cohort 4:

- Jack Ding

- Priscilla Wu

- Anthony Lee

- Emily Wang

- Doris Li

- Jing Rong Lu

- Julius Zhu

- Kath Yu

- Tina Wu

- Cynthia Huang

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